Lotto Scams

If you are anything like me then you have searched and searched the internet over and over on how to make money from home online, or possibly joined publish clearing house’s or some other lotto on a chance to become a millionaire.

Did you know that scams and ID theft cost americans over $20 billion last year, and that number is on the rise? So how do we determine what is a scam and what is not? How do we also determine if the opportunity is legitimate and worth your time.

The Lotto

I have to admit I play the lotto and PCH (publishers clearing house) I think to myself maybe just maybe my numbers will be called. I am fairly certain that I will not win a million dollars in the lotto or with pch seeing as the odds for a recent $10 million pch were around 1 in 505,000,000 playing the lotto or pch mostly takes up valuable time of yours and make sure you are ready for a ton of spam because it is coming. It takes you through page after page of advertisements before you even get to submit your entry. I have spent an hour on pch going from link to link trying to cash out the supposed money I earned before finally giving up. Verdict is this is not a scam but definitely a waste of your time.

scam alert

What to look for in a scam

Everywhere you look online there is someone or some site that is promising you rags to riches type of money with 0 to little work, or a fake lottery. I am going to show you what to look for in a scam.

1. Fake lottery winner emails usually coming from large companies like Coca Cola or Microsoft telling you that you have just won a lot of money. This is a scam.

2. Lottery winners phoning you usually from places like Jamaica telling you that you have won big money or a car. This is a scam

3. Emails coming from large companies but have generic addresses for replies. Do not fall victim to this because. This is a scam

4. Calls from someone representing publishers clearing house usually has a thick accent and you do not recognize the area code. Beware of area code 876 this is from Jamaica and the most common are of lottery scams. This is a scam

5. Emails or phone calls telling you that you have entered a lottery or drawing but have none of your personal information. If you had entered any type of lotto the company running it would have some of your information. This is a scam

6. Someone demands some type of money before you can claim your prize. No company running any legitimate lottery would ever require you to send any money before receiving your prize. This is a scam

What can I do?

Instead of wasting your time picking numbers or waiting for that email or phone call for your lucky break join myself as well as thousands of others at Wealthy Affiliate. Here you will have a legitimate chance of making money in the comfort of your home as well as doing something that you enjoy. Check out this link and navigate your way through some discussions and classes there is no cost to do so, they will give you to 2 free websites and show you how to set them up for free.



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7 thoughts on “Lotto Scams

  1. I keep seeing so many money scams. especially from companies such as coca cola. I am very interested in hearing more about these money scams because they are becoming more common.

    Thanks for you help!

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